About us

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Who Are We

PicGPS.com is managed and operated under GadWorks - a privately held Nevada corporation founded by Yovav Gad.

Our little startup company is based in fabulous Las Vegas. All of our products are proudly designed and made in the USA.

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How does it work

There is no magic here. We just make it very easy to do, today's modern mobile devices allow taking pictures with embedded GPS location information along with other technical details such as the actual device that was used, photographic information etc., for this to work, “Location services” and “Geo Tagging” has to be turned on.

Using EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format), we extract this information and using a process called “Reverse Geocoding” to translate the GPS coordinates into an actual address or location on the map and nearby places.

The processing of the picture and EXIF data extraction are all done on “Client Side” only, which means that no data about your files is sent to our server and no file is uploaded. By doing so, we make this process very private for our users and boost the processing speed.

Practical uses

PicGPS.com is a powerful tool that can reveal sensitive location information from pictures, it can be used both for good and malicious purposes, however, all in all we believe that there are way more good things it can do than bad.

Here are some examples for what it can be used for:

  • Fighting crime - law enforcement and private users can use it to help solve and prevent crimes such as property theft, child pornography, kidnapping situations etc. by pinpointing criminals location or type of equipment used for taking the pictures, including the device serial number which in some cases can lead to the owner or place where it was purchased.
  • Revealing stalkers - unaware stalkers may send profanity to their victims which can be used to reveal their location.
  • Exposing cheaters - weather it is a suspected husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, a dishonest manager or an employee, it is now possible to see where they are really located by having them send a picture from their “work” or “vacation” location, the picture will reveal the date it was originally taken and exact location.
  • Verifying location - this is another way to let someone know your exact address without having to type anything, by simply sending a picture, they can verify that you are really where you say you are and even see nearby points of interest.
  • Protecting loved ones - ask your kids and loved ones to send a picture so they can be tracked in case something happens, you will have a record of their last location including the name and address of place or business where they are located.